Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted our lives and shook up the way we did things. We had to question ourselves, adapt and evolve to continue delivering the best possible quality of service to our customers and offer our help to those hardest hit by the crisis.

We naturally wanted to support people in tackling the crisis and are committed to the fight against COVID-19, through several financial and material donations.

We were keen to help the most vulnerable and to support healthcare workers by donating to Swiss Solidarity and the Private Foundation of Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

True to our DNA, we also supported French citizens living in Switzerland who were in need.

We therefore created a special COVID-19 relief fund for the French Foreign Union (UFE).

We are also proud of supporting the French-speaking community in Zurich through our involvement with the Lycée Français de Zurich (LFZ). Our donation of protective masks helped make it possible to reopen the school in line with health guidelines.

In an environmentally sustainable manner, we distributed SwissMask reusable masks. These washable protective masks are made by Geneva merchants who created a non-profit workshop to manufacture masks Made in Switzerland. This action also gave us the opportunity to support a meaningful local initiative.