Responsible purchasing policy

We want to collaborate with responsible partners that share our values. That is why we implement a rigorous selection process.

The Crédit Agricole Group as a whole has adopted a Responsible Purchasing Policy to meet the major challenges of tomorrow. This Responsible Purchasing Policy is fully integrated into our CSR approach.

Our policy promotes the purchase of a good or a service that takes into consideration the right need and the economic, social and environmental aspects of the response to this need, while ensuring a balanced and sustainable relationship with our suppliers.

It is part of a committed and responsible approach, and is intended to be a shared vector for progress and innovation. Our policy addresses all employees involved in the purchasing process and our suppliers.

It features an action plan based on 5 axes:

  • Integrate social and environmental aspects into our purchasing practices
  • Make environmental concerns compatible with competitive priorities (eco-efficiency)
  • Ensure responsible behaviour in supplier relations (anti-corruption)
  • Improve the quality of supplier relations over the long term
  • Integrate this Responsible Purchasing Policy into the bank’s existing governance systems

For example, we chose DOSIM as our partner for Facility Services. DOSIM is strongly committed to CSR and sustainable development through the use of eco-labelled products, consideration for stakeholders, continuous realignment of resources with needs, including cleaning frequency, a return to more natural methods, the choice of more energy-efficient equipment and the definition of waste management plans in companies.

In the same spirit, we have opted for sustainable office design with furniture from the company Kinnarps, which offers products that have a longer lifespan and can be renovated and reused.