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Our name and our heritage are inseparably interwoven into our values, inspiring us in our CSR approach

The ‘Société de Crédit Agricole’ was created following a law enabling the creation of local, mutualist banks, with the aim of supporting French agriculture, which at that time was struggling to find long-term credit.

This heritage has for 20 years given us in Switzerland the conviction that it is by acting together that we are stronger.

This is why, beyond our role as a bank, we wish to make ourselves useful, both to our customers and to society.

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Today, more than ever, we believe it is important to provide a respectful living and working environment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that we implement measures to have a positive impact on society and to respect the environment while being economically viable. Through this balance, we will work with our stakeholders to build a sustainable environment, sometimes even going further than legal requirements.

A CSR approach means that, as a bank, we pay attention to our environmental impact in relation to the products we offer to our customers, but we also ensure that we engage in ethical and responsible behaviour in all our activities.

As an employer, this also means creating a work environment for employees and choosing their tools and materials with genuine consideration for ecological issues. Finally, a CSR approach means that we carefully integrate social and human rights factors into designing our organisational structure, to promote equality, diversity and well-being.

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We believe that corporate responsibility must extend beyond the sole objective of making profits, to contribute to the well-being of people and nature.