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Engaging in a CSR approach means we must act as a committed and responsible group

This is the objective of the Crédit Agricole Group and Crédit Agricole next bank. We base our strategy on a participatory and constantly evolving approach to progress. This approach is called FReD: the acronym of our three pillars – Fides, Respect and Demeter. For each pillar, we have associated commitments.


In Roman mythology, Fides was the goddess of good faith and honesty. She was depicted either as a clothed woman or with two joined hands, and has lent her name to our pillar of trust.


“Respect” seems to be a broad and abstract term when it comes to actions taken by a company. For us, it refers to respect for people and regions.


We have named the environmental pillar in our CSR “Demeter”, after the goddess of agriculture and harvest and “Mother of the Earth” in Greek mythology. How can a bank have a direct positive impact on the environment?

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Fides is our core business. Commitments in this regard aim to bolster trust in professional relationships. Such commitments entail:

  • establishing responsible relationships with subcontractors
  • acting ethically in business and operational activities
  • fighting fraud
  • preventing corruption

Respect for people
and regions

Respect reflects our approach in social terms. Commitments in this regard aim to develop individuals and society. Such commitments entail:

  • contributing to local communities and supporting those in need to combat social inequalities
  • ensuring equity and promoting diversity with a modern and progressive human resources policy

preserving the

Demeter reflects our approach in environmental terms. Commitments in this regard aim to preserve the environment. Such commitments entail:

  • providing products and services that respect sustainable development and encourage responsible conduct
  • controlling our direct environmental impact and preserving the natural world

CSR concerns all bank employees

Our CSR policy therefore covers economic, social and environmental aspects of our business activity. It is overseen by the CSR Steering Committee, whose decisions and missions are approved by the bank’s Management Board.

The CSR Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the sectors most affected by our CSR actions and projects. It directs our sustainable development approach, coordinates cross-business actions and is responsible for integrating CSR criteria into the bank’s processes.

The CSR Steering Committee supports and guides anyone who wishes to submit a project. Meetings are open to all employees, where they can listen to the measures discussed, actively participate in the decision-making process, and submit ideas.

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Employees contribute to innovation and to reasonable effort the CSR strategy, both in projects and in internal practices.