Ongoing training

In line with our firm belief that ongoing training enables each individual to develop and grow professionally, every year we invest more than 1.5% of our total payroll in training our employees.

Developing our employees’ skills is part of our DNA and we invest heavily in this area.

For example, each employee has more than five training days per year. We set this as an average indicator, and even exceeded this target in 2020 (average of 5.1 days).

This obviously includes compulsory regulatory distance learning courses that make our banking business and our everyday work with customers more secure. But it also involves supporting our employees in their external certification programmes (certificates of advanced studies, master of advanced studies, federal diplomas, etc.), Crédit Agricole Group management training courses, and high-level mixed (internal/external) business training programmes, such as our network certification.

It is worth noting that we had to adapt our system because of the pandemic, to migrate towards more distance and online learning. Again, we could say that the crisis has accelerated things.

As of this year, CA next bank has also been involved in an intergenerational collaboration pilot project with three other companies from the Geneva economic fabric: Bisa SA, the Centre Social Protestant Geneva, and SGS Group. Implemented by these four pioneering companies, the movement will soon be open to all.

This reverse mentoring programme has been a huge success among our employees. In a context of growing digitalisation, the skills of junior employees are promoted among senior employees and vice versa to help bridge the gap between generations.

These actions to transform companies by implementing more collaborative work methods, break down internal silos, promote better intergenerational communication, improve social bonds, and reduce unemployment are all benefits for the company, its employees and society.