Equal pay is a reality at CA next bank

We are proud to have been awarded the “Fair-ON-Pay” label, which certifies that CA next bank respects equal pay for women and men, and recognises our long-standing responsible and fair pay policy.

An inequality that still exists in Switzerland

Although equality between men and women has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution since 1981, there is still a 14.6%1 gender wage gap.

In order to implement the constitutional right to equal pay for equal work (Art. 8(3) Cst.), the Federal Act on Equality between Women and Men (LEg) was revised on 1 July 2020. It now includes an obligation for companies with more than 100 employees to carry out an equal pay analysis.

Double recognition

Equal pay analysis within companies must be performed on the basis of empirical methods and in accordance with Swiss law.

The purpose of such analysis is to examine statistically whether there is a difference in pay between women and men in a particular company.

The criteria for equal pay within a company is considered to have been met if the remaining unexplained pay difference is within the specified tolerance threshold of 5%.

At CA next bank, we have commissioned this salary analysis from external experts Comp-On AG, owned by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). We were awarded the “Fair-On-Pay” certificate, which attests to the fact that CA next bank values equal pay for women and men.

As the revised LeG requires an additional independent verification of the analysis, Switzerland’s Social Partnership for Equal Pay in Banks (CeParEB) performed this verification and confirmed that it had been carried out correctly.

CA next bank’s values have long prioritised equal opportunities, caring, professional fulfilment and the development of our talent pool, regardless of gender.

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