CA next bank supports Secours d’hiver

Our employees from our head office and branches took part in a clothing drive to support people in precarious situations in Switzerland.

Why a clothing drive?

For a family with children (or even without children) in a precarious situation, clothes can be a heavy burden on the budget. Donating clothing is a simple way to help them.

In a two-week clothing drive, we collected a total of 440 kg of clothes. Secours d’hiver is committed to the proper use of collected clothes and distributes them through local branches.

This action is in line with our social commitment to help people in need and, more generally, with Crédit Agricole Group’s raison d’être: to act in the interest of our customers and society every single day.

Poverty is hard to see in Switzerland

In Switzerland, 8% of the population is affected by poverty (FSO, 2017). This poverty is often invisible and means that people cannot meet minimum living standards by themselves.

Since 1936, Secours d’hiver has been supporting people in precarious situations with aid services designed to help them and prevent them from slipping into social welfare.

Secours d’hiver distributes beds, clothing, vouchers, and school bags. It also handles urgent bills such as medical expenses. It fosters involvement in social life by enabling families to participate in group activities, and by funding leisure activities for children.

Secours d’hiver relies on the solidarity of the Swiss people, as 100% of the organisation’s work is funded by donations.

Due to the current health restrictions, we were unfortunately unable to allow our customers to join in the clothing drive by collecting donations at our branches (as originally planned).

However, you can support Secours d’hiver initiatives through a donation or by volunteering with a local clothing drive.